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Melissa is the owner and lead planner of Devoted To You. After working in early childhood education and as a dental assistant for 10 years, she decided to go after her true passion and dive into the world of weddings. Devoted To You was started with a big leap of faith (believe it or not we started on Craigslist!), a ton of hard work and long hours, a sprinkle of wild & crazy and a lot of heart. Melissa has been planning, coordinating and designing weddings in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for over eight years now and specializes in planning weddings for the creative & eclectic couple.

In addition to being a wedding planner she is:

A mother to three outgoing, strong willed and adventurous kids

An enthusiastic & spontaneous traveller

An avid CrossFitter

A lover of inspirational writing & motivational quotes

Aesthetic: Bold, eclectic, authentic

Favorite Quote: “You're supposed to start before you're ready and before you're good at it and that's how you get ready and that's how you get good at it"

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Kristen was born in the states and then moved overseas when she was two years old and grew up spending time on the beach, living in a village within the jungle and attending missionary boarding school. She moved back to Pittsburgh in high school and been here since. She has been a lead coordinator with Devoted To You for almost four years now and brings creativity, attentiveness and organizational skills to each wedding she coordinates.

In addition to being a wedding coordinator she is:

A mother to one intelligent and sarcastic teenage boy

A healthy eater and gym enthusiast

A talented bad ass baker

An avid reader of romance novels

Aesthetic: Soft, Modern, Romantic

Favorite Quote: “Leave footprints and kindness wherever you go”

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