“Brides & Grooms- stop your searching and start right here! I am so grateful to have worked with Melissa, Morgan and the team for our wedding! We chose a venue that was essentially a blank slate. We would need to hire and rent EVERY piece to bring it to life. We also were going to hold our ceremony and reception in the same space, so the room would need to be “flipped” as the guests were in the other room during cocktail hour. No small feat that could not have been pulled off more beautifully without the expertise and relationships of Devoted To You! Melissa was so organized, informative and helpful from even our first conversation! She had worksheets to keep me organized and excellent recommendations for other vendors as well. Fast forward to our first walk through, I was amazed to see her mind in action! Things I would have never even thought of were being put in to place so everything would be perfect day of. Every vendor we worked with was just as excited to find out we were working with Devoted To You as well! Day of our wedding could not have ran more smoothly and that is all thanks to Morgan! She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that I felt like I had my best friend by my side all day. Morgan and Stacey made sure every element we had planned was in place down to even offering to run to Staples to pick up last minute prints. I’ll never forget the moment walking into the reception after they flipped the entire room and every small detail was just as I had dreamed. There are so many details that go in to your special day and I cannot recommend this amazing team enough! Thank you Melissa, Morgan and Stacey for helping to bring the wedding of our dreams to life!”- Heather

“I am so happy that I went with Melissa as my wedding planner. she is extremely organized and kept me at ease every time I started to panic. she offered great advice during the entire wedding process which I appreciated. she recommended other vendors that I couldn't have been happier with. and her execution day of. OMG. I couldnt have been happier when I walked in to see the venue. it was perfect and our family's couldn't believe the transformation she helped create. my wedding flowed so smoothly and I owe that all to Melissa. I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt!”- Jennie

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“Melissa and Stacey were amazing to work with. Even though I had a coordinator with the space I had rented out for the ceremony and reception at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland, I still went ahead and hired Melissa and Stacey to make sure all of my small details came together in addition to the big stuff. We met several times and went through checklists each time. Some of the items, I had never even thought of. They helped me with the ideas, but most importantly they helped me create a day of timeline that was the reason my day went so smoothly. Melissa had THREE weddings the day of my wedding and she still made time to stop at the house my bridesmaids and I were getting ready at. Stacey came too to make sure we were running on time. Talk about going above and beyond. On the wedding day, I had one person to answer to, Stacey, and she took care of everything. I knew I didn’t have to worry about a thing because I was in good hands. I would recommend Devoted To You to every Pittsburgh bride as a must have to your wedding budget.” -ABBIE

“I am so happy I chose Melissa. After our initial meeting we couldn’t financially afford. Wedding planner but as we continued planning our wedding we needed a day of person and i figured why not. Well ,We encountered some major issues with our wedding. Without Melissa we would have been broke, upset, and very unhappy on our wedding day. She handled everything with grace, a smile and a “I got this you don’t have to worry” . From finding us a new caterer and rental companies 3 weeks before our wedding to coordinating everything with them. She was the shining star of our day and a must have for any wedding or big event!”- Samantha

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“I've been putting off writing a review for Melissa because I really don't even know where to begin... After talking with Melissa on the phone for 15 minutes the week after we got engaged, I immediately called my fiance (now husband) and told him that we HAD to have her. We used Melissa for the full wedding planning, and it was hands-down the best decision that we made. Our wedding was PERFECT! Melissa, along with the vendors that she helped us choose based on our style and budget (Tyler Norman Photography, greenSinner, Oakwood Photo and Video, DJD, Mediterra Bakehouse) took the limited "vision" that we had, and turned it into something that was better than I ever could have imagined! Within 2 weeks of the wedding, we were moving across the country, buying our first house, and starting new jobs. I can honestly say that because of Melissa, the wedding was the only thing that I wasn't worried about during this time. Melissa took care of everything, especially managing the small details that we did not have time to worry about. I cannot imagine what we would have done without her!!” -AMANDA

“Hiring Melissa and her team was some of the BEST money I spent on the entire wedding!! Weddings are so stressful and having Melissa help me 3 months before hand and then Morgan there the day of, was such a blessing. It was so helpful to have someone establish a timeline, run the rehearsal, confirm with all the vendors, and then execute our vision the day of. It looked even more beautiful than I had in my mind and part of that was the true talent of Melissa and Morgan.” - Anna

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“A day of coordinator was definitely the best money we spent and you can't find one better than Melissa and her team! She has a ton of experience and definitely knows what will work best to make your day flow perfectly. We could not have done it without her. We had a few hiccups in the planning phases and she was always there to help and guide. Our night went off without any issue and we all got to just relax and have fun. It was really important to me that my parents and bridal party got to just enjoy the night and they certainly did. We had to bring in everything for our venue and I cannot tell you how nice it was to wake up on the day of the wedding and not worry about any of it. Highly recommend!”- ANNIE

“Melissa was fantastic! She is kind, personable, and has an exceptional attention to detail without making you feel overwhelmed by the process. Having her by your side will for sure alleviate much of the "day of" stress, and you can trust her to take great care in making sure your day goes off in the way you had hoped. She spent hours ensuring all of our special wedding day details were packed up and left just the way we delivered them, and she does everything possible to ease your worries on your big day (including running out for medicine for a fussy flower girl!). She is an essential part of your wedding day!”- Ashley

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“Neither of us have very much experience with weddings and we aren't originally from Pittsburgh, so having a wedding planner was really important to us. I can't say enough good things about our experience with Melissa. She is extremely knowledgeable, creative and has relationships with some of the absolute best vendors in this region. She was extremely responsive and answered our many questions thoroughly and quickly. I honestly think of her as a friend now and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional wedding planner. Melissa and her team at Devoted To You Events are simply THE best :)”- RJ

“If you are a bride wondering if you really need a wedding coordinator, then I am here to tell you that YES you do, you need Melissa! I had debated it since our budget was tight, but once I met her, I knew it was the right decision. My wedding was this past weekend and Melissa and her assistant did a phenomenal job. Before I could tell her about a potential problem, she already had it taken care of. It was a relief having someone there that knew the game plan for the day and to keep everything on time. She absolutely was the reason that my husband and I could relax and enjoy our day! Not only is she great at anticipating problems, but she is very creative. We wanted to do a memory table for my husband’s father. All I had with me were a few frames, a crate, some fabric and plants and she turned it into a beautifully arranged table that had several guests in tears! I cannot say enough nice things about Melissa and her team and I urge any future bride to book Devoted To You!” -LEXI


Melissa couldn't have taken better care of us on our wedding day! With all of her coordinating and helpful suggestions in the months prior, I wasn't worried about a thing. She ended up totally exceeding beyond all expectations! Melissa did everything to help my family and went above and beyond working with my other vendors. Her styling was incredible, the execution was perfect, and I don't think my overall vision for the day could have been brought to life any better. I would trust her to help us relive the day a million times over. We were truly given the gift of a stress free wedding day and nothing but wonderful memories.