Devoted To You was built on the principal that wedding planning should be stress free & fun, tradition is what you make of it and that there are absolutely no rules! In a world filled with so many “have to’s” and “supposed to’s”, we strive to focus on what you WANT to do. We love thinking outside of the box to create wedding experience that is a thoughtful and unique expression of each individual couple.

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Melissa is the owner and lead planner of Devoted To You. After working in early childhood education and as a dental assistant for 10 years, she decided to go after her true passion and dive into the world of weddings. Devoted To You was started with a big leap of faith (believe it or not we started on Craigslist!), a ton of hard work and long hours, a sprinkle of wild & crazy and a lot of heart. Melissa combined her love of people with her enthusiastic outtake on life to build a company that represents authenticity and relationship based interaction. She has been planning, coordinating and designing weddings in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for over eight years now and specializes in planning weddings for the creative & eclectic couple.

In addition to being a wedding planner she is:

A mother to three outgoing, strong willed and adventurous kids

An enthusiastic & spontaneous traveller

An avid CrossFitter

A lover of inspirational writing & motivational quotes

Aesthetic: Bold, Eclectic, Authentic

Favorite Quote: “You're supposed to start before you're ready and before you're good at it and that's how you get ready and that's how you get good at it"

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Morgan grew up in Somerset, PA and her love of weddings began when she helped plan her sisters wedding by calling venues and vendors and dreaming up designs when she was only 12 years years old! She went to Point Park University and recently graduated with a degree in sports, art and entertainment management and started with Devoted to You back in 2016 as an assistant coordinator, was quickly promoted to lead coordinator and just recently accepted the position as associate planner. Her intuition and natural ability to interact with people along with her creative out of the box thinking are just a few of the qualities she brings to each wedding she plans.

In addition to being a wedding planner she is:

A coffee aficionado

A lover of travel and trying new things

A professional (basically) cake tester

Aesthetic: Fresh, Modern, Intimate

Favorite Quote: “You can’t be sad if you’re holding a cupcake"

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Kristen was born in the states and then moved overseas when she was two years old and grew up spending time on the beach, living in a village within the jungle and attending missionary boarding school. She moved back to Pittsburgh in high school and been here since. Her full time job as a government worker keeps her super busy but after Melissa brought her on as an assistant coordinator in 2015, she caught on quickly and made such an impression on brides that she has been a lead coordinator with Devoted To You for almost as long as she’s been with us! Kristen brings creativity, attentiveness and organizational skills and stellar time management skills to each wedding she coordinates.

In addition to being a wedding coordinator she is:

A mother to one intelligent and sarcastic teenage boy

A healthy eater and gym enthusiast

A talented bad ass baker

An avid reader of romance novels

Aesthetic: Soft, Modern, Romantic

Favorite Quote: “Leave footprints and kindness wherever you go”

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Stacey grew up just outside the city and went to school for early childhood education. She currently works as a full time elementary school teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools and then helps Melissa and the team with weddings throughout the summer. She was the first assistant that Melissa added to the Devoted To You team back in 2012 when she helped cater a garden wedding that required extreme flexibility, creativity and expedited work. Instead of panicking, she put her head down and went to work. This ability to be flexible and adaptable to the situation carries over to each wedding that she helps coordinate.

In addition to a wedding coordinator she is:

A mom to two intelligent and creative little boys

A new dog mama to one cute little lab pup

(In my opinion) an ameteur (basically a professional) chef (Her food displays for every New Years Eve party are INCREDIBLE

Aesthetic: Colorful, Creative, Fresh

Favorite Quote: “The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- t’s all that matters”



Kaitlin grew up and still lives in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh and went to school for early childhood education and has been teaching full time for the past six years. Her love of children and teaching shines through every day as a full time Kindergarten teacher. She has the biggest heart and the best personality for working with children and has carried all of those qualities along with her creativity and take charge attitude over to wedding coordinating. Kaitlin started with Devoted To You back in 2017 after her then fiancé (now husband) sold Melissa her van (believe it or not!) and has been an important part of the team ever since.

In addition to being a wedding coordinator she is:

A dog mama to two adorable little pups

An amazing kindergarten teacher

A master of anything creative whether it be woodworking, calligraphy or designing things for her home or classroom

A lover of nature and (believe it or not) working in the yard

Aesthetic: Whimsical, Vintage, Romantic

Favorite Quote: “ My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style”

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Jamie is a Pittsburgh girl born and raised and a multi talented guru and jack of all trades. She started out as a nurses aid and then went to school for cosmetology and began working in a salon first and then for herself doing hair for personal clients privately. She currently works as an assistant to the commander for the Pittsburgh Police but also serves with Bistro to Go and bartends with Ace Bartending. She’s been with Devoted To You since 2012 offering assistance and support wherever she is needed. She is hard working, reliable and dedicated to making each wedding day run smoothly.

In addition to being a wedding coordinator she is:

A mother to one very independent little 4 year old girl

A master at cosmetology (this was her first intro into weddings)

A coffee enthusiaist

Aesthetic: Romantic, Modern, Relaxed

Favorite Quote: "For what it's worth, It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope that you live a life you're proud of, and if you find that you're not, I have you have the strength to start over"


Social Media Intern

We are looking for a social media intern that will work directly with the owner of the company to manage and maintain our social media presence. The ideal candidate will be responsible for monitoring and posting on blogs and social networks, engaging in online forums, participating in online outreach and promotion, optimizing our website and conducting keyword analysis.


  • Excellent written communication skills

  • Working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

  • Experience with social media analytics

Day of Coordination Intern

We are looking for a day of coordination intern that can work directly with the lead planner to learn the ins and outs of the day of coordination process from beginning to end. The ideal candidate will be responsible for learning how to construct a day of timeline, gather information from clients to build a client portfolio, interact with both the client and vendors to prepare for the wedding day and then ultimately execute the wedding day successfully.  


  • Strong interpersonal, relationship and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Patience, open mind and willingness to learn


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