"You're supposed to start before you're ready and before you're good at it and that's how you get ready and that's how you get good at it"-

Some people may read this and think this is totally backwards...that before you start anything there has to be a plan. But I've never functioned like that. When I want something, I go after it wholeheartedly whether I'm ready or not and that spontaneity transfers into an incredible passion that drives me and whatever it is that I have set my mind to.  When I started this company 6 years ago,  I didn't know a ton about wedding planning..I just knew that I loved weddings, I loved planning, I was creative and organized and I loved the idea of being a part of other people's love stories. So I jumped in and never looked back. One at a time, I added 4 incredible ladies to my team and without their love and support, hard work and dedication along with their abilities to put up with my crazy ideas and [let's be honest], crazy in general,  I would not have been able to grow and be a part of as many weddings as I have been. I have no idea what the future holds and where we will go from here, but I am so looking forward to the journey with these ladies by my side. I'm so happy and incredibly proud to "introduce" you to each one of them because I just know you will love them as much as I do!

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Kristen is one of my lead assistants and started back in 2015 when I was still doing flowers on a regular basis for clients. It was a hot and humid fourth of July weekend and I needed extra help with all the responsibilities that came with doing both the floral arranging, planning and coordinating of a wedding day. She jumped right in and started making floral arrangements like a boss. With little instruction, she picked up and filled in where I needed to to make that wedding day happen. The moment I knew that she would make a great lead assistant was the wedding day after she had run a rehearsal for me due to scheduling conflicts. When we arrived on the wedding day, the bride embraced her with open arms and I could tell that in just a short hour of rehearsal time, she had bonded with the bride. This business has so much to do with connecting with people, so in my heart I knew this was a sign that she would be an amazing part of my team and she has been that since day one!

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Morgan has been with me since 2016 and in two years has not only assisted on countless weddings but also taken lead as well. Wedding planning and coordinating just come so natural to her because she has been doing it since she was 12! I remember in our first meeting her telling me how she helped to plan her sisters wedding and was calling venues, caterers, photographers and other vendors before she was even able to drive. She picked every aspect of this business up so quickly and has a big part in me maintaining my sanity through the busy wedding season months. She is organized, takes great notes, thinks outside the box and is extremely intuitive to each couples needs and wants. Not to mention, one of the sweetest people ever!

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What drives me? What inspires me? What keeps me moving forward and continuing on this path that I believe was purposefully cut for me? It’s the moments. These once in a lifetime moments that I am blessed enough to be a part of.  I do what I do because I am inspired and driven by the end result, what I get to witness and the memories that I get to help create. Week after week, my soul is nourished.  My couples start out as clients, but become family. My ideal client is passionate and creative. They are laid back and down to earth. They think outside of the box and don't necessarily follow tradition...they are getting married in unique non-traditional wedding venues. The little details are important to them, but they also embrace imperfection. They are eclectic at heart...in style, in life and in wedding planning. They want their wedding to be guest orientated and at the same time, a unique expression of themselves. Outside of a wedding planner, I am a mother to three adventurous, strong willed and big hearted kiddos who keep me on my toes every day of the week. I am a lover of poetry,  inspirational writing and motivational quotes. I thrive on anything that feeds my creativity. I dream big, take risks, color outside the lines and more often than not, take the non-traditional approach to things. I think with my heart, love hard and am passionate with everything that I do and I can't wait to help YOU plan your day.

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Stacey is one of my lead assistants and has been with me the longest. The first time we worked together she was actually catering for a garden wedding of mine and the circumstances required extreme flexibility, creativity and expedited work. Basically there was a lot to do in a little bit of time in less than perfect conditions. Instead of panicking or getting frustrated, she broke into "get it done" mode, busted her butt, and did what she needed to do. And she did it with a smile on her face and no complaining. I knew then that I needed to have her as a part of my team because so many times on a wedding day, things don't go as planned and you need to be able to be flexible and make quick decisions and adapt to the situation. And at the same time, you need to be able to keep the couples vision in mind and execute it in a way that they are happy with. Stacey does this 100% of the time, whether she is leading a day or assisting on a day and that to me is invaluable!

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Jamie started with me in my first year as a fill in on a wedding where at the last moment, the circumstance called for a second person, and I had no second person at the time. I needed a pair of extra hands and extra eyes and extra everything really and she was there for me! I threw her into this crazy world of wedding coordinating with very little preparation or training, just relying on her hard work and ability to take direction and she did not disappoint. On a wedding day, I know that no matter who she is paired with in terms of lead assistant, she is going to work hard, require little direction and be a solid support system throughout the day. She will go wherever I need her to go and do whatever needs to be done to ensure a smooth day.